About Me

Welcome to my website!

If you could do something every day and not grow weary, what would it be? For me, photography is definitely in the top 3. I have been capturing moments through the digital lens for over 12years. I first started taking pictures with the family camera as a child, when I mostly used film, and each image had to be considered because the film was limited. I love the way looking at a picture, months or years later, has a way of taking people back to a moment in time to revive the emotions at the time the image was taken. Images have a way of aiding storytelling without words that I really enjoy.

I love traveling and am inspired by different cultures and landscapes. I enjoy immersing myself in the unfamiliar and learning about different places. I also love meeting new people and hearing their stories and experiences (call it nosy, I call it professional due diligence). I then take images to capture the essence of what I have seen or heard, to capture the emotions that have been evoked, essentially telling the story as I understand it.


Over the years, I have been asked to take images for friends and family and later on referred to take on client work for a variety of events, products, and photoshoots, which have all helped me hone my skills. I am inspired by the outdoors and usually like to use it as a backdrop to my work.

I enjoy taking images at events, where I like to be able to provide a memory capsule of not only the physical setting but also the emotions captured throughout the event through a combination of posed and candid shots.

When working with clients, each shoot or event is unique. I like to have a consultation with each client prior to the shoot or event to get to know them and understand their vision and requirements. Shoots are usually fun, and relaxed, and I like to inject some playfulness into my work, while event photography is always adapted to meet the client’s requirements. If you would like me to capture a part of your story, don’t hesitate to send me a message for a chat.